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Back to school: Our best advice for a more responsible return to school!

It’s back to school! But this year, how about filling school bags responsibly? Opting for ecological supplies, favoring second-hand purchases, adopting sorting and recycling, encouraging gentle travel and educating children about responsible consumption are all actions for a sustainable return to school. Not only environmentally friendly, these choices will also instill important values in our future adults. Ready to make back to school greener?

The importance of a responsible return to school

As the summer holidays come to an end and school bags start to fill up, it’s time to think about how we can make the return to school as sustainable and responsible as possible. Here are some tips for starting the school year on a note that is respectful of the environment and our finances. View this post on Instagram

1. Opt for eco-friendly school supplies

The first reflex to adopt for a responsible return to school is to choose ecological school supplies. Instead of the usual list of new supplies, why not reuse old supplies when possible? Additionally, many stores now offer pencils, notebooks, pens, and glue made from recycled materials or from responsibly managed forests.

2. Favor second-hand purchasing

The second tip for a responsible return to school is to opt for second-hand products. Whether it’s clothing, backpacks, or school textbooks, many items can be reused. This not only helps reduce waste but also saves money.

3. Embrace sorting and recycling

Another essential aspect of an eco-friendly back-to-school is sorting and recycling waste. Make sure to equip your children’s kits with waste boxes for pencil sizes and make them aware of waste sorting. For the ten o’clock snack, choose reusable or packaging-free packaging.

4. Encourage gentle travel

Opting for gentle travel is another way to make going back to school more responsible. Encourage your children to use more environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as cycling, walking, or public transport.

5. Raise awareness about responsible consumption

Finally, take the time to inform your children about the importance of responsible consumption. Explain to them why it’s best to buy second-hand items or eco-friendly supplies and how these choices help protect our environment. By following these tips, you can help make the upcoming school year more eco-friendly and responsible. Not only will these actions be beneficial for the planet, but they can also help instill important values in the future adults of tomorrow.

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