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Discover the benefits of mulching during the summer!

Discover the benefits of mulching your garden this summer! Protect your plants, limit watering and conserve soil moisture: these tips and more for a perfect garden all summer long!

With the arrival of warmer weather, are you too keen to add a touch of freshness to your garden ? Why not try mulching? This simple, environmentally-friendly technique will give your garden that extra touch of comfort during the summer months. Find out in this article what the benefits of mulching are and how to properly implement it in your outdoor space. See this publication on Instagram

What is mulching?

Mulching is a gardening technique that involves covering the soil surface with organic or mineral materials to conserve moisture and enrich it with nutrients. When the materials are placed on the soil, they act as insulation and create a protective layer for plants and roots. Mulching is a safe and effective way of improving the quality and quantity of soil available for growing plants. It has long been recognized as a useful method of minimizing the use of chemicals and fertilizers, as well as controlling weeds.

The benefits of mulching in summer

Mulching is a very practical technique for maintaining your garden. In summer, the garden can benefit from its many advantages. Firstly, the soil is protected from the sun’s rays and bad weather, and mulching provides a thick layer that limits the evaporation of moisture and prevents weeds from growing. What’s more, it keeps the soil cool throughout the hot season, preventing it from becoming arid. Mulching also allows you to keep your garden low-maintenance, considerably reducing tasks such as watering and hoeing. Finally, mulching is a highly effective way of improving soil quality and nourishing your plants naturally.

How to prepare your garden using mulch?

Mulching is an excellent way of improving the condition of your garden and protecting it from the elements. It provides a protective layer that prevents the soil from drying out and compacting. To get the most out of mulching, you need to prepare your garden properly. Here are a few simple steps to follow to reap the full benefits of mulching:

  • Remove weeds – You’ll need to remove any weeds in your garden before you start working with mulch.
  • Add compost – Once you’ve removed the weeds, you can add compost to the soil surface to add nutrients and improve soil quality.
  • Add mulch – Once you’ve prepared the soil, you can apply an even layer of mulch over the entire surface. You can do this manually or with a machine.
  • Pack the mulch – Pack the mulch lightly to fit the contours of your garden and keep it firmly in place.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your garden will be ready to enjoy the benefits of mulching. Your soil will be more fertile and more resistant to weather and weeds. It will also be more pleasant to work with, as it will be softer and more supple.

What materials are recommended for mulching?

Mulching is a good way of improving the appearance and health of your garden, but the choice of material is crucial. Organic materials such as straw, compost, manure, and dead leaves are widely used for mulching. For best results and long-lasting protection, we recommend mixing these organic materials with a layer of wood shavings or gravel. This is a simple and effective way of preserving soil moisture and limiting weed growth. Another option is to use non-woven fabrics, which have the advantage of being biodegradable while offering significant protection against weeds. Finishing touches are usually made with bark, cork, or pebbles, giving your garden a natural look. Mulching is a very interesting solution for improving the aesthetics and health of your garden during the summer. It keeps the soil cool and moist for longer, protecting plant roots and preventing water stress. What’s more, it reduces weeds and helps cut water consumption. The advantages of mulching for your garden are numerous, so don’t hesitate to use it this summer!

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