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Extreme visual enigma: Only good observers can identify the shortest basketball nets in this image!

Here is a very difficult visual challenge that might confuse your eyes. Take it!

Did you know that visual challenges are not just for fun or to pass your time?

In addition to entertaining you, these brain and visual tests allow you to train your brain to be active, strengthen your concentration, develop your visual acuity, improve your memory, and many other benefits for your mind.

These are also all the benefits that the visual puzzle below will bring you. Will you dare to solve it?

Visual test: “Can you find the 3 basketball hoops with the shortest nets?”

To solve the visual puzzle we present to you today, you’re going to have to be very fast, but above all you’ll have to be an excellent observer. Only those who can pay attention to details and analyze the image quickly will succeed in this challenge. Do you think you’re up to it?

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Below, you have a colorful image of dozens of basketball hoops. At first glance, the baskets look identical, but three of them stand out. Your challenge will be to identify and locate these three baskets. You will recognize them by their shorter net than all the others.


You have to find them in only 25 seconds. Take your stopwatch and start looking for them in 3, 2, 1! It’s up to you!

IQ test: the solution

So, how long did it take you to find the 3 shortest netted basketball hoops? Did you manage to find them in less than 25 seconds or did it take you longer?

If you were successful in time, it means you have a dynamic and agile mind in addition to a sharp vision that allowed you to overlook the confusing shapes and colors in the given image.

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If you haven’t found them, you can find the solution below. Above all, don’t be discouraged. You should know that this visual puzzle required a certain level and that you can always train to reach this level. We advise you to stay motivated to repeat the experience and improve your visual and cognitive skills with our different IQ tests and visual challenges.

The solution

Find in the image below the 3 baskets with the shortest nets in this batch. The first one is located in the second row, the second one is located at the 5th row, and the last one is located at the 6th row.


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