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How do you create clever storage in a small apartment?

Your apartment is small and you’re wondering how to store all your stuff. Don’t worry, we’ve got tips to help you create clever storage in your small apartment. In this article, we’ll share with you some practical ideas to make the most of the available space and optimize the way you store your stuff. You’ll find tips on how to use wall shelves, how to organize drawers, and much more. So follow these homemade tips to create clever storage in your small apartment! See this publication on Instagram

Make the most of available space

When designing your interior, it’s important to make the most of the space available. You can use tricks to make the most of your surface area. For example, you can add shelves or vertically suspended elements to optimize height and depth. You can even create shelves by adding metal bed frames and painting them. If you want to keep things within easy reach, opt for a piece of furniture that combines storage and a side table to accommodate your belongings. Be careful not to overload the space, and favor minimalism to keep the room on a human scale.

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Use dual-purpose objects

When space is limited, it’s important to use objects that can serve several functions. For example, a table that can be transformed into a desk saves space and reduces the number of objects needed to furnish the environment. Similarly, cupboards and shelves can be designed to provide not only storage space, but also work surfaces. In these cases, it’s possible to combine storage and living spaces in a single object. However, it’s important to choose multi-functional furniture that’s capable of adapting to the style and size of the space.

Maximize height and depth

One of the main rules of interior design is to maximize the height and depth of the space. This increases the available volume, allowing for extra storage space or larger pieces of furniture. This can be achieved by :

  • Use multi-level furniture.
  • Installing shelves or cupboards on the walls.
  • Install hanging furniture.
  • Create niches or alcoves in the corners of the room.
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In this way, you can optimize the available space and create a more practical, functional interior. It’s also possible to make use of spaces under staircases or attics, by installing bespoke furniture to store bulky items.

Create storage on visible surfaces

Installing storage units on visible surfaces can be an effective and practical solution for optimizing space. Traditional furniture takes up a lot of space and can impede circulation, especially in small spaces, which is why open or closed cupboards are a good option. In addition to providing extra space for storage, these solutions also offer interesting decoration. Wall-mounted shelves are particularly well-suited to showcasing decorative objects or books. You can also opt for a sideboard that doubles as a coffee table while offering drawers and cupboards for storage. Having a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a well-organized, functional interior. Thanks to the tips presented in this article, you can create clever, personalized storage solutions o suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to play with colors and materials to add a personal touch to your interior. With a little ingenuity, your small apartment will be well-organized and pleasant to live in.

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