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IQ test: Can you complete this mathematical challenge in under 20 seconds?

If you want to test your math skills, this is the challenge for you.

This intelligence test will determine your speed in solving mathematical puzzles. This challenge requires so much knowledge in this field that only the gifted will be able to solve it. Are you one of them? If you can solve it in under 20 seconds, you’re a genius. It’s up to you!

How do I take the test?

Look at the image below, made up of 3 elements. Each of them has a value, and from the equations on the image, you’re going to determine them. © Knothouseyarns[/caption] A word of advice: go to a quiet place so you can find the answer in time. You only have 20 seconds to solve the problem. Read the next paragraph to find out why you should take this test.

Why take this test?

This IQ test looks like child’s play. By solving it, you can be sure of having fun. On the other hand, it helps to stimulate your intelligence. It also helps to assess your ability to think, your memory, and your mental arithmetic skills. So, are you up for the challenge? Would you like to know just how smart you are? You can check your answer in the next paragraph.

Answer: here’s the value you’re looking for in the third equation

At first sight, you’ll probably say that this is child’s play. And if you’re methodical, you’ll certainly beat the record. Refer back to solving linear systems if you’re familiar with them. Grab a small piece of paper and a pen and you’ll be able to find the answer quickly. The answer to this riddle is 17. To find the result of the last equation, you need to proceed step by step. You need to determine the value of each flower:

  • The cup of coffee is worth 10,
  • The heart is worth 10,
  • The chocolate bar is worth 17.

This gives the following operation: 17 + 10 – 10 = 17.

© Knothouseyarns

If you’ve beaten the stopwatch with the correct answer, then congratulations! You’re certainly a determined person, persevering in your goals. In fact, only 25% of people who take this test are able to solve it, and you’re one of them. However, if you couldn’t solve it, don’t panic! Take a short break and try to find your mistake, then move on to other challenges that will bring out the savant in you. If you enjoyed this test, don‘t forget to share it with your friends on the networks so they can measure their degrees of intelligence.

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