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IQ test: Can you find the frog hidden in this picture? Show off your keen eyes!


Visual acuity is your visual performance. It’s the ability of your eyes to clearly distinguish details, with or without glasses. Today, we bring you challenge you to measure your visual acuity through an image made up of so many details that your eyes can get lost in it.

But if you have good visual discrimination and a good sense of observation, you can solve it in record time.

Visual test: “Where is the frog in this leaf-filled picture?”

Now you’re about to put your observation skills to the test. In the image below, a little frog has hidden among the leaves. Your mission is to find it as quickly as possible. Pay attention to detail and make sure you don’t miss anything. You have 15 seconds to find it!

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Our advice? Try to look at the picture as a whole before focusing on the details.. Look carefully at the shapes and colors of the leaves. The frog may be the same color as the leaves, so look out for differences in texture. Don’t forget to enjoy the search, even if you’re on a time limit!

IQ test: The right answer

This engaging visual riddle can be a great way to entertain yourself online other than on social networks, and to stimulate your creativity and sense of observation. Did you enjoy this visual test?

The 15 seconds are up, and it’s time to reveal the solution:

The solution

Actually, the frog is on the left of the image. Can you see it? It’s yellow, which makes you think it’s a leaf.

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Did you find the frog before the timer ran out? Congratulations! That means you’ve got sharp eyes and a good eye for detail.

Failed the test? Too bad, but don’t worry, you can try your luck again with our various visual tests available on our site. Don’t hesitate to take a look around, and discover new challenges that will take you beyond your limits.

What’s more, these visual tests help you improve your visual and cognitive skills. They stimulate observation, memory, problem-solving and logical thinking. The bonus? They’re a fun way to practice.

Don’t forget to share this visual test with your friends and family.. Do you think they’ll be quick to find the frog?

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