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IQ Test: Find the number that should be in place of the question mark in the last operation!

You’re smart if you’ve got the right number!

In this IQ test, you will have to find the value of the question mark. Did you know who has the highest IQ in the world? It is Terence Tao, a 42-year-old mathematician from Australia.

His IQ is estimated at 230, for comparison, Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. He is considered the most intelligent man in the world. And you, how high is your IQ? To find out, find the answer to this riddle.

Find the value and develop your abilities

The test we present to you today is from a real IQ test. It will test your intellectual skills and some of your other abilities. It is not a mathematical test per se, rest assured. In fact, anyone can take it. It is a test where you have to use your analytical and deductive skills.

To solve this puzzle, however, you need to use basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, but also reasoning.

The purpose of this game is not only to entertain you, but also to push your mental abilities to the limit. You will need to be able to concentrate fully on each given number in order to find the answer to this complex puzzle.


How do you find the calculation that gives the right answer?

To solve this puzzle, you must find the logical sequence between the three images presented. There is a common factor that links these images together. This can be a mathematical operation or a logical sequence of numbers. To help you find the solution to this puzzle quickly, you can use a calculator and a piece of paper to record your results.

The most talented among you will be able to solve the puzzle in less than 60 seconds. Take the time to analyze each image and find the key to this IQ test. Put your brain to the test!

The solutions to this test

The solution to this puzzle is the number 6! In fact, if you look at the three images, you can see that the sum of the two top numbers is equal to the product of the bottom number by 9.


For the first image, adding 50 and 31 gives 81, which is equivalent to 9 multiplied by 9. Similarly, for the second image, where 42 + 21 = 63, which is 9 multiplied by 7. Finally, for the third image, 43 + 11 = 54, which is also equivalent to 6 multiplied by 9.

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