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IQ test: Geniuses do it in 15 seconds. Just move 2 matches to get the right result…

IQ tests and puzzles are great way to stimulate our brains and test our problem-solving skills. Today, we bring you a challenge that has become very popular on social networks: the puzzle of the day.

The riddle is: 4×9= 46. But this equation is wrong! The challenge is to find the error and correct the equation in under 15 seconds.

If you’re used to IQ tests or riddles, this challenge should be within your grasp. For others, it can be a real adventure! In any case, you’ll need to think hard and find the right solution before the timer runs out. So get ready and let’s see if you can solve this puzzle in under 15 seconds!

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Solve today’s puzzle!

We’re delighted to announce today’s puzzle. To solve it, you’ll need to pay close attention and concentrate.

It’s not just about finding the solution to a problem, it’s about thinking outside the box. In this puzzle, you can only move 2 matches to find the solution. So keep your eyes peeled and try to solve the puzzle! Good luck!

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate creativity and the mind. We need to concentrate and observe what’s in front of us to find solutions.

One effective method is to start with the most obvious detail and work our way through the whole problem.

Puzzles can be very difficult, but it’s important that we don’t lose hope and keep in mind that obstacles are made to be overcome. So, if we focus, if we dig deep, and if we’re creative, we’ll succeed in finding solutions to the problems that come our way.

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A challenge worthy of your abilities

You may have heard of this challenge, which is very popular on social networks like TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram. We’ve put an image to explain the solution below and we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right answer!

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And for those of you who found the answer 5×9=45 in under 15 seconds, congratulations! You’ve shown great solving ability and you’ve passed the challenge.

We’re impressed by your ability to solve this problem, and we hope you’ll be up for a challenge again soon.

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