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IQ Test: Solve this puzzle in 30 seconds if you can. Let’s see how perceptive you are!

Here is a mathematical challenge to be taken up as quickly as possible. Will you be up to it?

IQ tests are an effective way to measure your intelligence quotient. These fun games stimulate your intelligence through challenges that test your observation skills, speed of thought, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Try to solve today’s IQ test and prove that you are mathematically intelligent and insightful.

IQ Test: “What is the value of the red triangle?”

In this IQ test, we are going to measure your intellectual abilities with a math puzzle. Below you have 3 equations, whose unknowns are shapes: round, square and triangle.

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Your challenge will be to identify the value of the triangle. To do this, you must first determine the values of the other shapes: round and square.

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You have 30 seconds to find the logic of the calculation and solve this mathematical problem.

We advise you to concentrate well before doing the countdown. This math test is not as easy as it looks. Are you ready? Get started!

IQ test: the right answer

The 30 seconds went by quickly. Was it enough time for you to find the right mathematical reasoning? Either way, we congratulate you for trying! Now it’s time to reveal the correct answer.

The Solution

The value of the triangle is 1. To arrive at this result, here is the calculation logic you should follow.

Start by finding the value of the circle with the first equation as follows:

Circle = X. So X + X = 10; 2 X = 10 and X = 5. The circle is then worth 5.

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Then look for the value of the square noted Y with the second equation such that:

X * Y + Y = 12; 5 Y + Y = 12; 6 Y = 12 and you get Y = 2. The value of the square is 2.

You can thus obtain the value of the red triangle noted Z with the last equation:

X * Y – Z * X = X, or 5 * 2 – Z * 5 = 5. Hence Z = 1.

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If you managed to solve this math problem in time, congratulations! Then you’ve proven that you are a perceptive person with a high IQ.

If you failed, don’t worry, it may mean you lacked concentration or time. If you want to take another IQ test, you can visit our website!

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