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IQ Test: Test your eyesight in a fun way by taking this quiz. Which of these birds is different from the others?

Train your mind and stimulate your eyes while having fun in this visual challenge!

Solving brain and visual challenges from time to time really helps you improve your concentration level, thinking speed, and visual acuity.

If you want to test your eyesight and get the benefits of visual tests on your brain?

then we suggest you solve today’s visual quiz. Make yourself comfortable and get ready to exercise your brain for a few minutes!

Visual test: “Which of these birds is different from the others?”

Today’s visual challenge tests your visual acuity and concentration level. To pass this test, you need to put your full attention into the game. Do you think you can impress us? Prove it by taking this challenge!

Your mission is to find the only bird in this picture that doesn’t look like any other.

© Knothouseyarns

Indeed, if, at first sight, all these little birds look the same, you should know that in fact, there is a little bird that is different from all the others and that is hidden in this flock.

You have 15 seconds to look carefully at this picture and all the birds and then identify them.

It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But it’s worth it because it’s a way to strengthen your mind. Ready to test your eyesight? Play the game!

IQ test: the right answer

The 15 seconds are up. It’s time to reveal the correct answer to this visual quiz.

The solution

If you’ve been watching carefully, you’ll have spotted the only bird with one leg in this picture. It’s the bird in the second row from the bottom, on the far right. Can you see it?

© Knothouseyarns

So, did you spot the right bird? Well done if you found it. That makes you a good observer. Your eyes and brain are sharp and responsive. To further improve your visual skills, feel free to solve visual puzzles on a regular basis.

If you didn’t find the different bird in time, then you have failed the IQ test of the day. You should train your eyes and brain to work under pressure for a limited period of time. To do this, you can visit our site and play our different brain tests while having fun.

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