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IQ test: Test your logic by solving this mathematical riddle in under 20 seconds!


Mathematical puzzles are very popular on the net. Why, you ask? The reason is that they offer a way of having fun other than scrolling your screen for hours on end. In fact, it’s a way of keeping yourself entertained while stimulating and developing your cognitive skills.

Visual test: “What number is missing from the last equation?”

IQ test of the day is to test your math skills, in particular your level of mental arithmetic. Is it your strong point? This cerebral challenge is your chance to prove it. If not, you can always the challenge to strengthen your brain. Are you ready?

The image you have to work on is made up of 4 equations with different elements. Your challenge is to find the missing value that is the result of the last equation.

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To pass this IQ test, you have 20 seconds. It’s up to you!

IQ test: the right answer

So, did you manage to find the right answer? Check it against the solution we reveal below.

The solution

The answer you need to find is 15. To arrive at this number, here’s the method you had to follow to find the value of each element:

With the first equation, you get the calendar equation:

3 calendars = 18, so 1 calendar is worth 6.

With the second equation, you have :

3 folder groups = 9, so 1 folder group is worth 3.

With the third equation, you find the value of the purple flower:

1 pc screen x 1 pc screen – 1 pc screen = 6, 1 pc screen = 3.

You can use these values in the last equation as follows:

(3 x 6) – 3 = 15.

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Did you answer correctly? Well done! This means you’re an intelligent person, thanks to your excellent speed of analysis and logic.

Did you get it all wrong? Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one to fail today’s test. In general, those who have failed have made a mistake on the side of the operative priority of the signs. Don’t forget that multiplication takes precedence over any other sign.

Would you like to take on other challenges as stimulating as this one? Don’t hesitate to visit our website. You’ll find brain challenges for all levels!

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