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Logic test: Challenge your IQ and find the code in under 35 seconds!


A new challenge is launched! Today, we invite you to solve a puzzle which involves finding the 3-digit code. To do so, you’ll have to analyze the image, which contains 5 false combinations that give clues.

The tests logic and puzzle games have always been popular, and are much appreciated for stimulating our minds. These games are a great way to stimulate our brains and help us improve our thinking and problem-solving skills.

What’s more, challenges are particularly popular on social networks because they’re easy to share and complete.

Today, your mission is to find the code! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can find the right combination. Are you up to the challenge? Good luck!

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Rules to follow to solve the challenge

To succeed in the challenge, you need to observe carefully and concentrate. The rules for finding the right 3-digit code are simple: after each 3-digit combination, colored dots appear.

  • The white dot means that one of the digits is missing.
  • the yellow dot means that one of the numbers is present but not in the right box.
  • the green dot means that one of the numbers is in the right box.

This way, you can eliminate bad combinations and find the correct code.
However, this challenge is of a difficult level, as the difficulty slider on the picture shows. You’ll need to watch carefully and concentrate to find the right codes.

Warning! Coloured dots are not placed in the right order. and you have 35 to find the code or complete the challenge. Be careful and take the time to observe the arrangement of the dots before trying to rearrange them!

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In short, it’s essential to train your logic and puzzle-solving mind. This allows your brain to function more effectively, with greater speed and efficiency. By working your logical mind you’ll achieve incredible and surprising results.

What’s more, the brain is considered a muscle and needs to be trained to stay in shape. Just like other muscles in the body, the brain needs to be trained to stay in shape and function at its optimum. Today’s riddles are a great way to help train your logical mind and are fun to solve.

Discover the mystery code!

We’re going to reveal today’s code! In the attached image, the numbers that make up the code are highlighted in color.. Try to guess the code in less than 35 seconds, and congratulations to those who find the answer in time!

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The answer is 205. So, are you ready for the challenge? We’re off!

We encourage you to challenge your friends and family by sharing this article! We spend a lot of time building entertaining games every day, and we’d love this article to be shared on social networks. So please be so kind as to share it and convince your friends and family to take part!

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