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Logic test: What is not normal in this picture?

Are you smart enough to figure out what’s wrong?

On this desk with a computer on it, something is not right. Did you know that the first programmable electronic computer was 170 square meters and weighed 27 tons?

It was created in 1945 and was capable of solving all computational problems. This an incredible fact considering that today the smallest computer in the world, the ThinkTiny, measures only 0.04 cubic millimeters.

What is not logical in this picture?

This test is a fascinating and challenging game that is suitable for all ages and levels. If you want to improve your logic and deduction skills, this is the game for you. If you are looking to develop your analytical and observational skills, this game is also for you.

It’s a fun test that’s meant to entertain you. This game challenges you to use all of your skills, and finding the solution will give you a sense of satisfaction that will soothe you throughout your day.

Also, by solving this type of game, you will be more likely to find creative solutions to everyday obstacles. This game can be played solo or in a group, which also allows you to compete with others.

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How do you solve this challenge?

Finding the anomaly in this image is a fun and exciting challenge. To pass it in 10 seconds, however, you must act thoughtfully. Using your insight and logic, you can find the error easily.

First of all, take the time to examine the image as a whole. Try to identify every object and clue that might lead you to the solution. Be aware that there are writings all over the room that are not there by chance. Take the time to read each one and understand its meaning.

If you still can’t see anything, change your perspective by looking at the image differently. With a little patience and insight, you can find the anomaly that is present in this image.

The solution to the test

In the given test, the anomaly is the date that is different on the computer and the calendar. If you were able to find the anomaly, congratulations! You have demonstrated that you are perceptive and have great logic.

If you were not successful in finding the anomaly, don’t be discouraged. There are many similar games and exercises on the site to develop your analytical and deductive skills.

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