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Math riddle: Can you quickly find the solution to this math riddle?

This mathematical puzzle is designed to test your mathematical skills and ingenuity.

The challenge of the day is an excellent way to immerse yourself in deep thought while pushing back the limits of your intelligence. Only people with a high IQ are up to this ultimate challenge .

Presentation of the mathematical puzzle

The test of the day is a mathematical riddle to get your brains and powers of observation working.

The test allows you to use all your cognitive abilities , as it promises to be both demanding and rewarding. It has the difficulty you need to prove your insight and mathematical mastery.

The test takes the form of mathematical equations that you have to solve. There are 4 mathematical equations, the first three of which have already been solved. You’ll see different totems with different values. Your task is to find the value of each totem

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Only after you have found each value can you find the result of the last calculation.

Solution to this mathematical challenge

Have you solved this mathematical puzzle? Congratulations, you’re a person with a high intelligence quotient. If you haven’t managed to find the answer, you can try other, less difficult mathematical puzzles for practice: – First line: first totem + first totem + first totem = 93. This gives: 31 + 31 + 31 = 93 – Second line: first totem + second totem + second totem = 53. This gives: 31 + 11 + 11 = 53. – Third line: second totem pole + third totem pole + third totem pole = 21. This gives: 11 + 5 + 5 = 21. – Last line: first totem pole + second totem pole – third totem pole = ? This gives: 31 + 11 – 5 = 37. So, the value of the first totem is 31 , the value of the second totem is 11 and the value of the third totem is 5 . So, the answer to this mathematical riddle is 37 .

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If you enjoyed this challenge and are hungry for even more challenging IQ tests, you can stay tuned for our regular updates.

Indeed, we offer several complex and captivating riddles designed to test your analytical skills and intelligence. Solving this kind of riddle also allows you to push the limits of your mind and broaden your mathematical horizon. Feel free to share this riddle with your family and friends to test their mathematical knowledge.

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