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Math riddle: Test your IQ by moving just 1 matchstick!

For years, IQ and related tests have been used to measure a person’s cognitive and intellectual abilities. In particular, IQ tests are designed to test a person’s ability to solve complex problems and make logical decisions. Puzzles are generally used to test a person’s problem-solving ability. Today’s puzzle is an equation that appears to be wrong at first glance: 6+4=4. The task is to find the solution to this equation in less than 30 seconds. This challenge is easily accessible on social networks, which makes it even more attractive for participants. It is not only fun and entertaining, but also offers participants a unique chance to improve their problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities.

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Today’s challenge: Solve a matchstick equation!

We invite you to take up the challenge of the day! It’s a puzzle that invites you to think and concentrate. To solve this puzzle, you can only move one matchstick . Think outside the box as much as possible and see how you can modify the equation to find the solution. With patience and a bit of concentration, you will be able to solve this puzzle! So, ready to take up the challenge? By solving puzzles, we can develop our problem-solving, creative and logical thinking skills. To achieve a satisfactory result, we must observe each element and think how they can fit together. Once we have found a solution, it is important to check if it is correct. This can help us better understand the process and find faster and more effective solutions. We must also keep in mind that each puzzle is different and some may be more difficult than others. It is therefore necessary to use patience and perseverance to be able to find the right solution.

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IQ test solution!

This morning’s challenge has finally found its solution and we are delighted to announce that 8-4=4 ! The resolution of this exercise, which made the rounds on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, generated great interest among our communities. We thank you for your patience and we congratulate those who found the answer within 30 seconds! If you need an illustration to help you understand the solution, we’ve put an image below . We hope this image will help you understand how to solve the challenge. Thanks again to everyone who participated in our challenge this morning!

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