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Mathematical test: Can you find the value of each product in less than 60 seconds?

If you can figure out the value of each element, you’re a genius!

In today’s test, fast food is the focus. Did you know that it’s better to eat two burgers than a burger and fries?

It’s surprising, but from a caloric point of view, carbohydrates, and carbs are not good for your health. Now that you’ve been warned, it’s time to play the game. In this test, you have to find the value of the hamburger, the juice, and the fries.

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How do you find the value of each object?

This mathematical puzzle is great fun for those who enjoy thinking games. To solve this test, you need to find the value of each food item, i.e. the value of the burger, the fries, but also the drink.

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Each line of the puzzle features a different number of foods and an associated mathematical operation. In each case, the operations are not the same, the quantity of the products is not the same, and the method of operation is not the same for each line.

All basic operations are visible. You have addition and multiplication. You also need to use other operations to arrive at the result. By using logic and deduction, you can easily complete this operation.

The challenge of this game lies in the fact that the value obtained from the previous lines is essential to finding the solution. Time is also a key factor in this puzzle, as it has to be solved in under 60 seconds. The clock is ticking and it’s time to put your mathematical skills to the test.

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How can we help you find the answer?

To find the answer to this mathematical test, you first need to understand the mathematical logic behind the riddle. Start by solving the first line, which is the easiest. Once you’ve got the answer to this line, all you have to do is reproduce the same logic for the following lines.

To succeed, you’ll need a good grasp of basic mathematical operations, as well as speed and precision in your calculations. You can use a calculator or take notes if necessary.

The solution to this test

Did you find 15? Congratulations! A juice is worth 10, a hamburger 5, and 1 packet of French fries 1.

To better understand how to solve this riddle. We give you the answer below in pictures.

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