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Observation test: Measure your visual acuity with this visual riddle!


Looking for a new distraction to pass the time during your off hours and breaks? We’ve got just the thing: challenges and brain tests ! These new distractions are gaining ground on the web, because as well as being fun, these visual games give your brain a workout.

We challenge you to this observation test to test your visual and cognitive skills for just a few seconds. What’s more, if you pass the test, you’ll be able to share your exploits with friends and family.

Visual test: “Which of these routes leads the pirate to the treasure?”

Few people have successfully completed this challenge in under 10 seconds. What about you? Those with a high speed of analysis and ability to concentrate are the ones who manage to solve this visual riddle easily.

To succeed, you must then remain unperturbed for the next few seconds. We hope you can.

Below, you have a pirate in search of treasure. To reach this famous chest, he has to choose between 5 paths. Your mission is to guess which of these 3 paths leads to the treasure and guide him.


You have 10 seconds to complete this test. It’s your turn in 3, 2, 1!

Visual test: the right answer

Now that the time’s up, we reveal the solution to this visual riddle. See if you’ve found the right answer.

The solution

The path to the pirate’s treasure chest is route no. D, as shown in the diagram below.s. Route 1 leads to route D and route B leads to route C.


So, did you find the right answer in time? It means that you have impeccable powers of observation and the ability to concentrate. These assets should serve you well in your day-to-day work.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t solved the riddle in under 10 seconds, it’s down to a lack of concentration or visual acuity. Fortunately for you, it’s possible to improve both your brainpower and your visual skills.

To do this, a lot of training is required. Don’t forget that visual tests are perfect tools for enhancing your cognitive performance.

Don’t hesitate to visit our page to take new IQ tests and boost your powers of observation.

And if you know any visual game enthusiasts in your circle, encourage them to take today’s visual challenge.

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