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Personality test: Discover your personality trait based on the way you hold your cup!


Would you like to know more about your personality? Personality tests are a fun and effective way to find out. Thanks to this test personality test, you can discover your personality trait by the way you hold your cup!

You have a choice of three coffee cups, each symbolizing a different personality type. Which style suits you best? Find out by taking this test!


Image 1: Adventure starters

Those who choose the first image are people who are looking for new experiences.. These individuals are always ready to leap into the unknown and take risks. They are passionate defendersbecause they show great loyalty and devotion to those they love.

These people have a great sense of adventure and like to be constantly on the move. They see the world as their playground and enjoy exploring new possibilities.

Image 2: Appreciators

People who choose the second image generally adopt a calmer, more thoughtful attitude. They seek to discover the world around them through careful observation and deep questioning.

They can easily lose track of time, as they are very focused on their studies. These curious researchers are keenly aware of the world around them. They appreciate the beauty of small things and feel deeply connected to others.

Image 3: Explorers

People who choose the third image are usually curious and willing to take calculated risks to see what lies beyond their comfort zone. These individuals are constantly seeking to learn and explore.

They have a strong sense of responsibility, because they understand that certain things can only be accomplished by going the extra mile. These explorers have a broad view of the world around them and know that there are many different ways of solving problems.

Did you know about Marie Bonaparte?

Marie Bonaparte was a French aristocrat, psychoanalyst and feminist. She was born in Saint-Cloud in 1882, the granddaughter of the first King of Rome and the brothers of Napoleon Bonaparte. She studied at the Sorbonne University and obtained a doctorate in psychology. In 1909, she married Prince George of Greece and settled in his capital, Athens. She was one of the first women to be introduced to psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud in Vienna.

The relationship became very personal, and she was Freud’s intellectual partner for many years. Marie Bonaparte was also a feminist who championed the cause of women’s rights and founded several feminist associations in Europe.

Thanks for joining us for this fun test! Remember, this is only a game and no scientific value should be attached to the results. Join us tomorrow on our website for a new test! Share this test with your friends and have fun!

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