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Personality test: what you see first reveals your most important positive trait

Personality tests are an increasingly popular method of understanding the traits, motivations and values that define a person. They offer valuable insight into the characteristics that shape who we are. This test reveals the positive trait that dominates you is an interesting and entertaining personality test. With this test , you can discover the strongest, most positive trait that characterizes your personality. This is not a questionnaire or a multiple-choice list, but rather a visual test, using images to try to capture your personal point of view.

Thanks to this test, you’ll be able to better understand the way you approach life and the daily challenges you face

Test de personnalité : ce que vous voyez en premier révèle le trait positif qui domine chez vous
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You first saw a face: your positive personality dominates

If you saw a face first, it reveals that your most dominant positive trait is a sense of responsibility . You’re a very responsible person and you’re able to make balanced decisions. You’re loyal and reliable, you do what you say you’ll do and you always try to do the right thing. You enjoy taking care of others and are willing to go the extra mile to help them. You’re a good listener and very empathetic, which makes you a very kind and pleasant person to be around.

You first saw two silhouettes: your creative personality is strong

If you’ve seen two silhouettes, your most dominant positive trait is your creativity. You’re a highly imaginative and innovative person. You have an open and curious mind, and are always on the lookout for new ideas. Your creativity is also evident in your ability to solve problems and find original solutions. You’re also very open to new experiences and ready to step out of your comfort zone to try something new.

You first saw a magician: your optimistic personality dominates

If you’ve seen a magician, this reveals that your most dominant positive trait is optimism. Your positive attitude influences others around you, making it a very valuable quality. What’s more, your optimism can be contagious: it can inspire others to see things in a more favorable light.

You saw a woman first: Your caring personality dominates

If you’ve seen a woman first, this reveals that your most dominant positive trait is caring towards others . You’re a gentle, caring person who cares about the well-being of others, and your natural empathy can easily understand others and give people the love and support they need to fulfill themselves. What’s more, your caring nature means that others look to you for support or advice.

Did you know?

François PERRIER was a French actor born on March 11, 1903, and died on February 22, 1980. He got his start in theater before moving into film in the 1930s, where he played minor roles for over 40 years. The son of actress Sarah Bernhardt and Count Pierre de Sibour, he was awarded the Légion d’honneur in 1975. One of the highlights of François Perrier’s work is his collaboration on the musical My Fair Lady (1964), in which he played Colonel Pickering. This production won 6 Oscars and is reputed to be one of the best musicals of all time. We hope you had a good time taking this test. Whichever positive trait you see first, we’re sure it defines a part of your personality and inner world. Feel free to share this test with your friends and ask them to take it to see which positive trait dominates in them. See you tomorrow on our website for another fun and entertaining test! Please note that this test has no scientific value and should not be taken seriously.

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