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Preparation, emotional management and reinforcement of basic skills


Understanding the importance of school entry preparation

Starting school is a crucial moment for every child. It’s a rite of passage that marks the beginning of a new stage in their development. A successful start to school is therefore essential to their well-being and development.

For this phase to go as smoothly as possible, adequate preparation is essential. It is essential to essential that parents play an active role in this preparation, to enable their child to approach this new adventure in a serene and positive way.

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Setting up a new school rhythm before the start of the new school year

The key to a smooth transition to school life is to establish a school-like rhythm several weeks before school starts. Bedtime and wake-up times, fixed mealtimes, playtime and structured activities will help establish a stable routine that will help the child adapt more easily to school life.

Creating a positive image of school

Parents’ attitudes towards school have a major influence on the child’s perception of it. We therefore recommend convey a positive image of school. Explain all the things your child can learn and discover at school. Read him stories about it, show him around the school as an exciting adventure.

Reinforce basic skills

Before starting school, make sure your child has mastered certain basic skills, such as drawing, writing and listening to instructions. This will help him feel more comfortable and confident right from the start. Learning should be fun and engaging for the child, so don’t forget to compliment him regularly.

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Emotions linked to starting school

It’s normal for your child to feel a little anxious or excited about starting school. Take the time to discuss these emotions with your child. Showing him that it’s normal to feel this way can help to reduce anxiety.

The role of parents in the transition

Parents play a crucial role in the transition to school. Your support, encouragement and guidance are essential if your child’s transition to school is to go smoothly. Listen to his concerns, reassure him and be there for him during this period. We conclude that, once adequate preparation can go a long way to helping your child approach the start of school in a positive, confident way. By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you’ll be preparing your child for a successful and worry-free start to school.

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