Math riddle: Test your IQ by moving just one match!

IQ tests are a popular way of measuring a person’s intelligence and cognitive ability. Riddles are a common form of these tests, which can require mathematics and the use of observation and logic to find the solution. Today’s challenge is a mathematical riddle that requires immediate attention: 8×8=12. But this equation is wrong! You’ve got … Read more

IQ test: Only math geniuses can find the answer in less than 20 seconds!

IQ tests are a popular way to measure a person’s intelligence and ability to analyze and solve problems. Tests often include puzzles and challenges that can give people a fun and challenging opportunity to test their knowledge. However, puzzles can sometimes be difficult to solve and time-consuming. Puzzle of the day is a challenge that … Read more

IQ test: Take the challenge of balancing the equation in under 10 seconds. There’s only one match to move to solve the problem.

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Puzzle of the day: 1+2+3+8=21. Don’t you think that’s fair? Well, you’re right! This equation is wrong, and that’s where our puzzle begins. The challenge is to find the right solution in under 10 seconds. IQ tests are one of the most popular ways of measuring a person’s intelligence and cognitive abilities. Puzzles and challenges … Read more

IQ test: Will you be able to balance the equation by moving a single match? 2% of people can do it in less than 10 seconds. Can you?

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Puzzles are a great way to test your intelligence and problem-solving skills. From classic IQ tests such as crosswords, quizzes, and logic riddles, to more complex puzzles, puzzle solving is a great exercise for the brain. In this context, the starting equation is 9+3×2=2. But this equation is wrong. The enigma or challenge is to … Read more

IQ Test: The riddle that annoys everyone! Can you do it?

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IQ tests are a very popular way for people to test their intelligence and see how smart they are. Riddles are an important category of these tests. They provide a challenge for those who attempt them and can be a good way to test a person’s intellectual abilities. On this particular day, we find ourselves … Read more

Math Puzzle: Measure your IQ by moving only 2 matches!

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IQ tests and puzzles are practical ways to evaluate our level of thinking and logic. Challenges are becoming more and more popular on social networks and they allow everyone to have fun and test their skills. Today, we propose a puzzle that will challenge your brain. You will have to solve this puzzle in less … Read more