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Test your analytical skills by solving this puzzle in under 25 seconds!

We all think we can solve the most complex problems. Is that true for you too? Then come and take this challenge. Put your skills to the test by challenging yourself through this puzzle.

This fun IQ test consists in finding a way to move 3 matches to form 4 triangles.

Be careful, you must manage to do it in less than 25 seconds. Discover the instructions in the following paragraph.

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How do you solve this puzzle?

The first thing to do is to look at what you have in front of you. There are 3 triangles each formed by 3 matches. You have to rack your brains to find a logical way to make 4 triangles by moving only 3 of them.

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To succeed in such a challenge you must concentrate deeply. Don’t let yourself get distracted, as this may prevent you from imagining all the possible combinations.

What are the benefits of puzzles?

IQ tests are not just for having a good time. They also serve to stimulate the brain. They offer an opportunity to measure your intelligence by showing you how well you can solve a problem.

Reasoning and thinking skills are tested. Through these puzzles, you will know if you are ready to face specific situations.

They keep you active and fast. These games cultivate patience and teach us that a problem can have many solutions.

Here is how to move 3 matches to form 4 triangles

25 seconds have passed, what is your answer? Many players have failed. It is true that it is not easy to form 4 triangles when there are only 3.

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But in fact, the solution was to take the three matches forming the third triangle. You had to connect the vertices of the first two with a match, then the bases with another.

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Finally, you have to put the third one on the diagonal of the formed trapezoid. This way you get 4 triangles.

Guessing this logic is not easy. It is even less easy when you only have 25 seconds. So, if you haven’t managed to solve it, don’t worry.

You can practice with the thousands of intellectual tests on the Internet. You’ll see, next time you’ll be able to solve everything in no time. However, if you succeed, congratulations!

Don’t hesitate to share this puzzle on social networks. You’ll be able to practice while getting even closer to your friends.

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