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To solve this mathematical puzzle quickly, you have to be a very perceptive person.

This puzzle is a good opportunity to test whether or not you have the intellectual qualities of a great mathematician.

It’s time to take a break because it’s essential to take a few moments to breathe. To help you relax, we offer a fun and challenging math puzzle.

Take the opportunity to test your intellectual abilities without pressure. Are you ready?

What are the instructions for this math test?

For this puzzle, we will present you with four operations in the same picture. However, these will be composed of fruits, numbers, and figures. Your goal is to find the result of the last operation.

To do this, you will have to find the value of each fruit. Be careful to look at each fruit.

Details can change everything in an operation. Here, in addition to your logic and reasoning, you will also need your sense of observation.

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What is the point of solving a math test?

It is important to take a few moments during the day or week to relax. However, we know that time is precious and that there is a lot to do in a day and it is precisely for these reasons that puzzles are ideal.

Indeed, trying to solve a challenge or a puzzle will only take a few minutes and these few minutes will not be wasted: they will allow you to take a break while practicing.

As a result, you’ll take the pressure off while improving your cognitive skills.

Now it’s time to give the solution. Were you successful?

The result of the last operation was 14! Congratulations to everyone who managed to find the right answer. It really takes a very perceptive person to avoid the little traps in this puzzle.

For the rest, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything so you can understand how to get there.

As you might have guessed, to find the value of the apple, all you had to do was divide the result of the first operation by 3.

This little calculation should have allowed you to understand that the apple represented the number 10.

In the second operation, once you found the value of the apple, it was fairly easy to find that the bananas represented the number 4.

In the same way, it was easy to find the value of the cherries with the third operation: the cherries represented the number 2.

It was in the last operation that a trap had crept in. Not only was there only one cherry, but there were not 4 bananas, but 3.

This meant that one banana represents the number 1. To help you visualize better, here is the solution in pictures.

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