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Very few people have managed to solve this puzzle! Will you be up to it?

This challenge will allow you to evaluate your intellectual skills. You will know if you are smarter than the average person.

Do you want to put your intellectual abilities to the test? Then this puzzle is for you.

Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also know if you’re one of the few people who have successfully completed this challenge. So don’t hesitate, take a deep breath and concentrate, because it’s time to start.

What is the challenge we are proposing to you?

For this test, we will present you with a grid of 16 squares. In the first row, there will be a sheep in each box, except for the last one, which will have the number 24 in it.

In the second row, you will find a penguin in the first two boxes, a sheep in the third and the number 12.

In the third row, there will be a chick, a sheep, another chick and the number 18. On the fourth and last line, you will have the numbers 15, 18 and 21. As you can see, there is a logic behind the numbers displayed on the grid.

Your objective will be to find this logic and to use these numbers to find the value of each little animal.

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What is the point of trying to solve this kind of challenge?

Math puzzles are more than useful because they allow you to exercise and relax.

Indeed, the brain, in order to remain active and healthy, needs to be stimulated from time to time without too much pressure.

This means that it is essential to relax from time to time while using your cognitive abilities. To do this, there is nothing better than a good mathematical puzzle since it will allow you to think while having fun, since a puzzle is more like a game than an exercise. This will make it easier for you to improve your performance without pressure.

Now it’s time to reveal the answers!

The sheep represented the number 8, the penguin represented the number 2 and the chick represented the number 5. Congratulations to those who got the answers right.

For the rest, don’t panic. We will explain how to solve this puzzle. To solve it, you just have to do some calculations, taking care that the operation between the three animals gives the number on the same row and column.

So we had to start with the easiest one: the sum of the three sheep was equal to 24, so one sheep was equal to 8. Once the value of the sheep was found, it was easy to deduce, thanks to small calculations, the value of the other animals. Here is the solution in pictures.

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