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Vision test: Do you have the eagle eyes to spot the letter N in under 20 seconds?

If you’re passionate about observation challenges, you’re welcome.

Today’s challenge is for your perception. The image below presents an optical illusion. At first glance, you won’t notice it, but that’s what makes this visual test so interesting. The majority of Internet users have not been able to solve it in time. However, if you have a good observation technique, this challenge will be like a game. So, are you up to the challenge ? Take a little break and try to find the intruder in this image.

How do you go about this visual test?

You have an image filled with the letter H. At first glance, you might think that all the letters are the same. But between them, there’s a letter N.

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Your aim is to find it in less than 20 seconds .

This puzzle requires a lot of concentration. You need to get away from all distractions. This will help you to solve it in the shortest possible time. So, would you like to know how good your eyes are at distinguishing small details? Read on to find out why you should take this test.

Why solve this puzzle?

Trying to locate the intruder in this image has many advantages. First and foremost, this visual challenge will force your brain to get active. This is good for its well-being. After that, the puzzle is a kind of game. By solving it, you’ll experience a moment of distraction and relaxation. So, have you tried to find the letter N in the picture? Check your answer in the next paragraph.

Answer: here’s where the target is located

The letter N is located at the intersection of the 2nd row with the 3rd column. Most people have tried to find it simply by hovering over the image. This method is not recommended, as it will waste your time

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If you’ve analyzed the image by rows and columns, you’re sure to have solved this puzzle in time. If you’ve been able to locate the letter N in less than 20 seconds, congratulations! This puzzle is so difficult that only those with the eyes of a hawk can solve it. Thanks to your powers of observation, you’ve managed it, which shows how much importance you attach to every detail. But if you’ve failed, why not try again with the other visual challenges on our site? If you’re impressed by this test, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on social networks .

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