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Visual challenge: Find the 12 differences between these two images in under 40 seconds!


Welcome to this test find the differences between two images! In this game, you’ll have to find 12 differences between two images showing a market in less than 40 seconds.

Visual tests are very popular and can be entertaining and stimulating. They are designed to sharpen your powers of observation and help you develop skills such as concentration and memory.

These tests can be challenging, but they’re generally fun to play and can give you an extra idea of the skills you possess.

This game is perfect for testing your ability to spot differences between similar images and find subtle details that aren’t always apparent. You’ll be amazed at how many details you’ll notice as you play! So, are you up for the challenge? Just be ready!

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Find the 12 differences

Find the 12 differences, it’s important to concentrate and observe carefully. It’s important to compare and note all the details to find the differences between the two images.

It can be helpful to take your time and not get too discouraged if the search takes a little longer than expected. You can also apply observation techniques to help you quickly identify elements that are different.

Did you know? One market

A market is a place where goods and services are exchanged between buyers and sellers. Markets often consist of several suppliers offering their products and services, and various forms of competition between them. Markets can be physical or virtual, and their size and structure vary considerably depending on the nature of the products and services they provide.

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Markets are generally regulated by government to maintain the integrity of the trading system. A market can also refer to all participants in a specific market, i.e. buyers and sellers, as well as all transactions carried out in it.

Well done to the adventurers who found the 12 differences!

Well done to all those who took up the challenge and found the 12 differences in under 40 seconds! It’s a great achievement and we congratulate you sincerely. For those who didn’t manage to meet the challenge, don’t panic! We’ll show you a picture where the 12 differences will be easier to spot.r. Just once. Ready, set, go!

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Share the game with your friends is a great way to introduce them to a variety of fun platforms. By publishing the game on your social networks, you’ll help promote it and give it greater visibility.

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Take the opportunity to communicate with other players, invite them to play it and discover the benefits that will result. Positive feedback will help the community to grow, and you’ll earn extra prizes. So don’t wait any longer, share the game on your social networks!

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