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Visual challenge: Find the 12 differences in under 25 seconds!


The test of the day is a challenge visual differences between two images. You’ll need to find 12 differences between two images representing a parking lot in under 25 seconds.. This game is a great way to train your visual skills.

Visual tests are very popular and are used to break the monotony of a day. They also help to improve their perception of detail and their ability to identify differences between objects or images.

This game is fun and stimulating for anyone who enjoys a challenge and searching for information. It can be played by people of all ages, but is particularly popular with children and teenagers.

It is also often used as a learning activity to reinforce their clue-finding and observation skills.

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Find the 12 differences

Finding the 12 differences isn’t always easy, so you need to concentrate and observe carefully. The two images to be compared are very similar, but there are always small details that don’t match. To find these 12 differences, analyze each part of the image and try to find what doesn’t match the other image.

Don’t despairBy concentrating and observing carefully, you’ll be able to find all the differences. So take your time and enjoy finding those little details!

Did you know?

A parking lot is an area generally dedicated to stopping and parking vehicles, but it can also be used to park bicycles. They are usually private or public, and may or may not be covered. Covered parking lots are generally air-conditioned and equipped with a security system.

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Public parking lots are often controlled by a payment and automation system, which gives users access to information on the number of spaces remaining, the rate to be paid, and so on.

Private parking lots are often located on commercial or institutional sites, and usually charge a fee.

The riddle is solved!

You fought hard and you did it! You found the 12 differences between the two images in less than 25 seconds. Hats off to you! If you didn’t find them, don’t panic, here’s a picture where you can see them clearly. Take a good look and enjoy!

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Share the game with your friends and make them have fun! It’s free and easy. Just a few clicks, you can share the game on your social networks. Your friends will then be able to enjoy the same challenges, experiences and memories. What’s more, by sharing the game, you’ll be helping others to enjoy themselves and have fun!

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