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Visual puzzle: Which road leads to the carrots? Guide the rabbit through this maze in under 15 seconds!


There’s nothing better than a visual puzzle a fun way to exercise your brain and pass the time. Especially popular during confinement, visual games continue to be popular to this day.

All the more so as they’re really useful for keeping your brain from going soft during vacations or free time. Ready to take on challenge of the day ?

Visual test: “Can you find the path that will lead the rabbit to his carrots in less than 15 seconds?”

The image below shows a little rabbit with a sign reading ‘I love carrots’. He can’t seem to find his way to his favorite food. In fact, the little animal is faced with three paths, only one of which leads to the carrots. Help him find the right way.

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You have 15 seconds to analyze the 3 paths and identify him. Are you up to the task?

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Please note that you’re not allowed to cheat, either by ignoring the 15-second time limit or by getting help. If you want to play in a group, why not compare your individual scores to solve this visual puzzle? The fastest time wins.

Don’t forget to start your stopwatch. Now it’s your turn!

IQ test: the right answer

We reveal the answer to this visual puzzle in the following image.

The solution

As you can see in this solution imagethe only path to the carrots is path no. 3. Did you find the right answer?

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If so, what strategy did you use to pass this visual test? We congratulate you on your performance. Not many people could solve this puzzle quickly. That means you’re very perceptive and have exceptional speed of analysis and reasoning.

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Do you think your friends or family will be able to surpass your result? Check it out by sharing this brain challenge with them.

Did you fail today’s test? We can deduce that your thinking speed isn’t up to scratch. Don’t worry, you can improve thanks to IQ tests. After all, these fun games aren’t just for fun.

They’re also great for stimulating your brain. Practice regularly on our site and you’ll see your skills develop little by little.

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