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Visual riddle: Can you find the penguin camouflaged among all the pandas in 15 seconds?


In addition to being excellent entertainment for children and adults alike, visual puzzles are reliable and effective tools for improving visual skills.

In fact, raising a visual test to boost your concentration, observation and analysis skills. Want to put your eyes to the test? Check out this challenge and see how much practice your visual skills need or don’t need!

Visual test: “Where is the penguin among these pandas?”

The image below is full of pandas, big and small. Some are chowing down on popsicles, while others seem to be posing serenely for the picture. Your challenge will be to get past these pandas to find a penguin. Indeed, a little penguin has crept into this picture. You have 15 seconds to locate this intruder and prove your visual and cognitive skills.


Watch out for cheating! You’re not allowed to go over the time limit, scroll through the image to check the solution, or even ask for help. Are you up to it? Prove it now!

Visual test: the right answer

You’ve managed to find the penguin before the 15 seconds are up. ? Congratulations! That means you’ve got a keen eye for detail and observation, but you’ve also got good analytical speed.

The 15 seconds are up, but you still haven’t managed to find the little penguin? We’ll give you a second chance with this clue: the penguin’s beak is the same color as the pandas’ ice.

Still haven’t found the penguin despite the clue? We’ll show you the solution in the images below.

The solution

The little penguin is on the right-hand side of the image at the top. We’ve circled it in red in the image.

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Don’t worry if you haven’t solved this visual puzzle. You can improve with practice. Take our brain challenges and IQ tests to boost your skills.

You can even get started right away by visiting our site. You’ll see that as you take our visual tests, your powers of observation and analysis will increase tenfold! Invite your friends and family to take up this visual challenge and see how they get on!

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