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Visual test: A snake blends perfectly into the landscape. Can you find it in 30 seconds?

Do you see anything other than deer in this picture? If so, please let us know.

We continue our series of tests with the famous game of finding the intruder. In this intriguing visual challenge, your mission is to find the snake among the deer in the picture.

This mission may seem simple at first glance, but don’t let the picture’s appearance fool you. In fact, this test is slightly difficult. What’s more, it’s timed and you only have 30 seconds to complete it. In this image, the deer heads are drawn to blend in with the shape of the snake. With a little insight and concentration, you can spot the hidden snake quickly.

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So, are you ready to take up the challenge and find the snake among the deer? Good luck and have fun!

What’s in the picture?

The image is a composition of deer and foliage. The main element to find is a snake, subtly hidden in the background and blending in with the colors of the image. The snake can blend discreetly into any part of the background. So, do you think you’ll pass this test? It’s a real challenge for your observation and analysis skills. It’s also a good opportunity to improve your visual speed, as the test is timed and you only have 30 seconds to pass.

How to find the snake

This visual challenge will help you develop your powers of observation and train your brain to spot subtle details. It’s a great way to have fun while stimulating your mind. The key to finding the snake is to focus on details and contours. Look for features that might indicate the snake’s presence, the body will be different from the necks, and try to look for eyes or a forked tongue. It’s important to analyze and consider every part of the image carefully.


Congratulations if you’ve found the snake hidden among the deer in the picture! You’ve used your insight and concentration to succeed in this complex visual challenge. If you didn’t manage to find the snake, don’t be discouraged, look at the image below to reveal the snake’s exact location.

© Knothouseyarns

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