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Visual test: Can you find the animal hidden in this picture in under 30 seconds?

In this image, which seems to feature nothing but colorful birds, an animal is present.

In this captivating visual test, your mission is to find the animal carefully hidden among this series of birds. This visual challenge is a classic of the kind we all played as children.

If you’ve got kids of your own, now’s the time to bring back some childhood memories by playing along. Get ready to exercise your abilities and develop your skills.

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How do you find the animal in this picture?

This test is a fun game that will put your visual skills and sense of observation to the test. It has been specially designed to help you develop your visual skills in a fun and entertaining way.

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As you search for the animal hidden among a series of birds, you’ll be testing your visual acuity and your ability to spot subtle details. You’ll also develop your powers of observation and attention.

This game is also an opportunity to sharpen your concentration. If you succeed, you can learn to analyze an image more quickly.

The game is also satisfying. If you succeed, you’ll feel a sense of personal satisfaction. Take a few seconds of your time and get started. Please note that the game has a time limit and you only have 30 seconds to complete it.

Where is this famous animal hidden?

Here are a few tips on how to complete the game in the allotted time. Take time to examine the picture as a whole.

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Look at the shapes, colors, and details that make up the image. At first glance, all you can see are eggs. But if you look a little deeper, some of the details are quite visible.

Concentrate on those visual clues that might help you spot the animal. Look for patterns that might suggest an animal.

Bear in mind that the animal can be of any shape. So it’s important to be open-minded and creative.


Congratulations if you’ve managed to find the animal hidden among the birds! The animal was hard to spot, but your perseverance paid off. If you didn’t manage to find it, don’t be discouraged, as this is a complex visual test.

Here’s the answer in pictures for those who didn’t get it. Keep developing your visual skills by taking advantage of the visual challenges on the site.

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