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Visual test: Can you find the bookmark hidden in this image in 30 seconds?

Do you know where the bookmark is that slipped into one of the books in this picture?

Got some free time on your hands? Why not take this opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself? In this fun and stimulating visual challenge , your mission is to find the bookmark hidden among the books in this picture. The bookmark has slipped discreetly between the pages of one of the books, and your task is to locate it using your observation skills and sense of logic. You can play this test as a family to spend some enjoyable and entertaining time together. This game is a fun and stimulating activity that will appeal to all members of the family, whatever their age

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A fun test to improve your skills

To pass this challenge , you’ll need to pay close attention to detail. Look closely at each book, examining the pages and edges to find the bookmark. It may be partially visible and protrude slightly from the pages, so pay attention to every little clue. The picture is made up of several books neatly stacked on top of each other. The book covers have a variety of colorful patterns, making the bookmark difficult to distinguish. The bookmark blends in perfectly with its surroundings, making it a real challenge for your visual skills. Take your time and don’t rush your search. The bookmark is well hidden and you may have to look several times before spotting it. Be patient and persistent, because the challenge is worth it!

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How do I find the bookmark?

To find the bookmark in the picture, you’ll need to be observant and perceptive. Take a few moments to observe the picture as a whole, noting the different books, their colors and shapes. This will give you an overview of the picture and help you spot any elements that might stand out. Look for anything unusual or different from the other books. Bear in mind that the bookmark could be anywhere, not necessarily in a book.


Congratulations, if you’ve managed to find the bookmark in the picture! If not, don’t be discouraged, as this visual challenge was particularly difficult. Click on the image to reveal the exact location of the bookmark. The answer to the challenge is to look towards the left-hand corner of the stack of books. The bookmark is discreetly tucked between the pages of one of the books there.

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