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Visual test: Can you find the bulb that has slipped into these different lanterns?


Welcome to this visual challenge fun and entertaining! In this colorful picture, filled with Chinese lanterns, your mission is to find the light bulb hidden among them. This visual puzzle is designed to test your powers of observation and insight.

Team up with your family and friends to share a moment of complicity and take on the challenge of a new challenge. this challenge together. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy this unique visual experience.

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What do you have to do in this game?

The aim of this test is very simple in theory: all you have to do is find the bulb. This image features Chinese lanterns. Their bright colors and patterns add a touch of beauty to the scene, except that it’s designed to fool you. Among this multitude of lanterns, a light bulb is discreetly hidden. In practice, this test can be difficult to accomplish, unless you have the right techniques.

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It’s a fun activity that stimulates your mind while allowing you to spend some quality time together. A light bulb stands out from other objects, most of which are lanterns. Are you up for the challenge? If so, start your stopwatch! You only have 60 seconds to complete it.

Before starting the search, take the time to concentrate, place yourself in a quiet place away from any distractions. Once you’re calm, follow these methods: before you concentrate on the details, take time to look at the picture as a whole. This will give you an overall idea of the elements present and the potential location of the bulb.

Observe the details of the lanterns, their shimmering colors and intricate patterns. Knowing how lanterns look is essential to differentiating the bulb from them. The bright colors of the lanterns may distract your eye, but the bulb may stand out with a more neutral color or a slightly different shade.

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Watch out for less vivid hues that might indicate the presence of the bulb. Shadows can also play tricks on your eyes. The bulb could cast a different shadow among the lanterns, making it easier to spot.


Congratulations if you’ve found the light bulb hidden among the Chinese lanterns! Your perseverance and attention to detail have paid off. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t be discouraged – you can make up for it in future games. For those who want to know where the light bulb is, it’s very simplejust look at the image below.

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