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Visual test: Can you find the pencil in this picture in 15 seconds?

A pencil is hidden in this picture. This test looks easy, but you need to have the eyes of an eagle to pass.

A pencil is perfectly hidden in this book storage room, you have to find it quickly. Speaking of books, do you know how much the most expensive book in the world costs? It’s Leonardo da Vinci’s Leicester Codex. It cost $30.8 million and was purchased in 1994 by Bill Gates.

This book is a very famous manuscript that contains various sketches of the inventor of physics, astronomy, and biology. Let’s get back to the game and try to solve this visual puzzle.

How to find the pencil in this picture?

Want to play this classic game? It’s very easy, you just have to find the pencil hidden in this picture. There is only one rule: you have to open your eyes. The rule is simple, especially since to find the pencil you don’t need to think, only your visual abilities will help you.

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It is necessary to be attentive to each detail of the image because the pencil is perfectly integrated into the books. To find it, you will have to analyze each square centimeter of the image.

This game is a visual game, but also a game of analysis. It tests your ability to detect hidden elements in an image, but also your ability to analyze minute details.

This game is exciting and fun and can be played by everyone, whether you are young or old, novice or experienced.

How do I find the pencil?

To find the pencil in this picture, concentration is the key. You have to be able to block out the illusions that can mislead you. Indeed, at first glance, you might have the impression that you see pencils everywhere.

However, it is actually a bookmark sticking out of a book. To locate the pencil, it is important to view the image as a whole and look at each book. The pencil may not be where you expect it to be.

Look for shapes that may reveal a pencil. Be careful, you only have 15 seconds to find the hidden pencil, so you must act quickly and efficiently.


The 15 seconds are up. Were you able to find the pencil? If so, congratulations! If not, we give you the answer in pictures. The pencil was perfectly hidden above a book. Only the strongest passed this test.

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