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Visual test: Do you have good visual discrimination? Prove it by finding the two identical umbrellas now.


Are you perceptive and observant? The visual test of the day allows you to measure your visual acuity and visual discrimination. It will also show whether you’re a meticulous person. Don’t forget to perform this test and have fun!

Visual test: “Which two umbrellas look alike in this picture?”

You need to know that visual tests can stimulate the brain in a variety of ways. In general, they test your ability to concentrate, memorize or analyze. Sometimes, they test your senses, especially vision. This is the case in the following visual game. You’ll have to put your visual skills to the test. Are you ready?

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Here are the instructions: the following picture contains ten different umbrellas. In fact, each one has its own shape and colors. But if you look closely, you’ll spot two umbrellas that are identical.

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You then have 10 seconds to analyze this image in more detail and find the 2 identical umbrellas.. Good luck!

IQ test: the right answer

Not everyone has the same level of concentration, let alone observation. Especially as everyone has different visual skills. Today’s visual riddle is a great way to find out if you’ve got sharp eyes and a quick mind, or just the opposite.

So, did you manage to solve the test? If so, you’re an excellent observer. But you can always improve. If not, it means you need to work on your perception more often to develop your visual acuity and discrimination. Discover the solution to this visual test below.

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The solution

The purple umbrella appears twice in this picture. One is in the top right-hand corner, and the other in the left-hand part of the picture next to the orange umbrella and above the blue umbrella.

Can you see them? You can see them more clearly in the image below.

© Legrisou.fr

If you want to have even more fun with our IQ tests and boost your cognitive and visual skills, visit our site. You can choose from challenging tests or start with easier ones to improve your skills.

Don’t forget to share your achievements with your loved ones and challenge your friends and family to these fun visual games.

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