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Visual test: If you can find the pear within 10 seconds, you have eagle vision.

Measure your visual acuity with this very interesting and fun visual test!

Visual tests are great for testing your concentration and observation skills. Have some fun with the visual challenge we’re giving you today!

Not only does it entertain you, but it also tests the way your brain and eyes perceive things. What better way to keep your vision and mind sharp?

Vision Test: “Can you find the pear hidden among the ducks?”

In this visual test, you will have to find the pear hidden in this picture among all these ducks. The difficulty? Just like the ducks, the pear is yellow in color and its shape is not so different from those little ducks.

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And to spice up the game even more, you only have 10 seconds to find the pear. If you succeed in the time limit, you will be among the big winners of this challenge.

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To put all the chances on your side, we advise you to place yourself in a quiet place. You will see that your brain and your senses will be able to concentrate and work more quickly. Are you ready? Your 10 seconds start now!

IQ test: the right answer

Did you manage to spot the pear between all those ducks? If so, we hope you didn’t get help finding it. You’re a good observer, so your eagle eyes must help you a lot to stay thorough in your daily life.

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If you didn’t pass today’s visual test, it’s not a big deal. Even if you lost at this challenge, remember that thanks to this optical challenge, you were able to increase your concentration level. You can always take another challenge to boost your visual and cognitive performance even more. While waiting for the next visual test, find out the answer to this visual puzzle below.

The Solution

The pear you were supposed to find is actually on the left side of the image. Count 2 and row from the bottom and you might see it, well placed and strategically hidden between 2 ducks.

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Throw this visual challenge to your family and friends and see if they have good eyesight and a sharp mind. And if you feel like playing together, you can find various IQ tests that you can do in groups on our site.

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The one who solves the puzzle first within the time limit wins! This will be a great way to test your IQs while having fun together!

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