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Visual test: In this visual test, the number 589 is hidden in this series of numbers. Find it in 10 seconds.

Do you pay attention to detail? To find out, it’s very simple: pass this test in the allotted time.

Today’s test is a simple visual test. The aim of the game is to find the number 589. This game is a great way to relax while stimulating your observation skills.

If you find the number, congratulations. If not, don’t worry, the solution will be given to you at the end of the game. Take advantage of this fun test to entertain yourself and develop your visual skills.

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Where is the number 589 hidden?

This game puts your visual skills to the test. The rules are simple: your mission is to find the number 589 in the picture. The game is easy to learn and can be played by the whole family.

It’s an ideal pastime for relaxing after a hard day’s work. It requires concentration, careful observation, and a methodical approach.

Remember, this visual game is a way of entertaining your mind while stimulating your powers of observation. Enjoy the game, and remember that it’s timed. It takes 10 seconds to find the odd one out.

How do I find the number 589?

To find the number 589 in this visual puzzle, you need to concentrate and observe. Take the time to mentally visualize the number 589 with all 3 digits clearly visible.

Then carefully examine each part of the image, looking for the details and shapes of the digits. Look for the numbers 5, 8 and 9 in different parts of the picture. Stay focused, as 8 can look like 3 if you’re not concentrating.

Go through the picture methodically. Often, in this type of game, the intruder is where you least expect it. Try searching horizontally, then vertically, and if you haven’t found him yet, let your instincts guide you. Pay attention to detail and don’t give up if you don’t find the answer quickly.


The number 589 is in the bottom right-hand corner of the image. It’s very visible if you stand back a little, and it stands out from the other numbers present. Congratulations if you’ve found it! If not, don’t worry, this is just a game.

If you still don’t see it, we’ll give you the answer in the image below.

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