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Visual test: Want to prove your powers of observation? Find the panda in the picture in under 12 seconds!


Everyone thinks they can observe well and pay attention to detail. In fact, this ability is not common to everyone. While everyone can, in fact, observe their surroundings, some people manage to distinguish details that few others can see. Are you one of them? Find out with this visual game !

Visual test: “Where is the panda in this picture?”

The visual challenge of the day is a visual enigma where you have to find an object hidden in the picture. As well as testing your powers of observation, this visual test also tests your powers of concentration. And since you’ll be given a time limit, your speed of analysis and reflection will also be measured. Do you think you can pass this observation test? It’s time to find out.

Take a close look at the following image. Among all these raccoons, an intruder has crept in. A panda has decided to join the ranks. You have 12 seconds to try and spot it.

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Please note that you are not allowed to ask for help or cheat on the time. So prepare yourself mentally and visually. Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

IQ test: the right answer

Have you managed to spot the panda before the 12 seconds are up? Congratulations! This means you have excellent vision with perfect discrimination and good analysis speed. To reinforce this ability, remember to regularly stimulate your eyesight and your brain. On our website, you’ll find a range of visual games to help you do just that.

Didn’t find the panda in time? No problem. You just need to work on your visual acuity more often.

The solution

Look closely at the following image to discover where the panda is hidden among these raccoons. He’s in the second row, counting from the bottom, and in second place from the right. Can you see him? His left eye is hidden by the ear of the raccoon in front of him.

© legrisou.fr

Having trouble distinguishing a small detail like in today’s observation test? It’s time to do something about it. In fact, you can strengthen your sense of observation and visual attention with our visual games. In your spare time, opt for a fun visual test!

Want to know which of your group is the best observer? Feel free to share this page with your friends. Do you think you’re the most detail-oriented or the least perceptive?

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