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Visual test: Where is the rabbit hidden in this picture of cats?

Welcome to this fun and entertaining test of your visual skills. The challenge is to find a rabbit in a picture made up of several cats.

The rule is simple: spot the requested element. But don’t be fooled by the similarities between the cats and the rabbit – the image has been carefully designed to make the task more difficult. Today’s test will help you sharpen your visual perception and pay more attention to detail.

Use your wits and open your eyes wide to find the rabbit hidden among the cats. Ready for this visual challenge

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How do you find the rabbit?

To succeed in this game, your visual skills will play a crucial role. Pay attention to details and put your powers of observation to the test.

The rabbit can blend in subtly with the cats. It may be slightly different or camouflaged in the image. Concentrate on shapes, contours, colors, and patterns to spot the rabbit.

Be patient and methodical in your search, as the difference between the cats and the rabbit may be minimal. This test is an excellent opportunity to develop your visual and observational skills.

How to find your rabbit?

Here are a few methods to help you find the rabbit within 60 seconds. Look for shapes that differ from others in the picture. The rabbit may have slightly different contours to cats.

The rabbit may have unique features such as a different tail, or a particular posture.

The rabbit’s ears may be distinct from those of cats. Look for larger, more pointed ears, or ears of a different color. Rabbits’ eyes may have a different expression or color than cats.

Finally, rabbits’ teeth are often longer and sharper than cats’. Look carefully at each animal in the picture and look for teeth that resemble those of a rabbit. Go through the picture methodically, examining each part carefully. Don’t leave any corner unexplored. Using these methods and a little patience, you should be able to spot the rabbit among the cats. Good luck!


In this test, the rabbit was in 2nd position behind the strawberry from the right. You could spot it by its long ears. Well done, if you managed to find the rabbit using these clues!

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