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Visual test: Where is the snail in the picture?

Have you always been told that you’re a good observer? Or do you think you are? If so, we challenge you with this observation test ! Prove that you really are a keen observer by solving this visual puzzle before time runs out.

This isa visual test that only the best will be able to solve. Stand up the challenge ?

Visual test: “Can you find the snail hidden between the turtles in under 15 seconds?”

At first glance, you can see that there’s nothing unusual about this image. It’s an image of several turtles. But that’s not the case. In fact, a little snail has snuck up among these turtles and is sharing this beautiful day with them.

We’ll give you 15 seconds and no more to look carefully at this image and its details to try and find this snail.

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To succeed in finding it, you must not let yourself be distracted. You have to stay totally focused. Think you can do it? Then it’s up to you! Good luck!

Visual test: the right answer

If you’re reading this, your time is up. Let’s face it, 15 seconds goes by very quickly! But they’re enough if you’ve got a keen eye. So, have you solved today’s visual puzzle?

If you did, well done! It means you’re a meticulous person who pays attention to detail, but it also means you’ve got eagle eyes, because the snail was really hard to make out. If, on the other hand, you failed, no problem. You just need to improve your visual skills.

Below, we reveal the solution to this visual test.

The solution

The snail is on the right of the picture. We’ve circled it in the image below so you can easily see it.. In addition to its small size, it was its shell that made it so hard to spot, as you could believe it was the shell of torture.


Challenge your friends, family and colleagues with this fun visual test. See how quickly they can spot our hidden snail.

And if you’d like to continue the adventure with us straight away, why not visit our platform? Here you’ll find brain and eye tests of all kinds. Don’t forget that these entertaining games allow you to test your skills, but above all to improve them.

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