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Visual test: Which is the only sock in this picture that doesn’t have an even number?

Today’s challenge is a visual test in which you have to distinguish one sock among many. This requires great visual attention, a good visual memory and a perfect sense of observation and detail.

Do you think you have all these skills? Prove it by solving thevisual enigma hereafter. Have fun!

Visual test: “Find the sock that doesn’t have a double in this picture”.

Before starting the game, we advise you to choose a quiet place, away from distractions, to play. To succeed in this game, you need maximum concentration. How’s it going? Are you in the right place? Here are your instructions.

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The image below is made up of several pairs of socks, all different from each other. This means that there is a lone sock in this picture. Find out which one!

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And to spice up the game, you’ll be given a time limit. You then have 15 seconds to observe the image very carefully and try to identify the sock that doesn’t have a pair.

Are you up to the challenge? Start your stopwatch and play!

Visual test: the right answer

The 15 seconds are up, have you solved the riddle? Let’s see if you’re right. Take a look at the following solution.

The solution

In fact, the only sock that doesn’t have a double in this picture is the one circled below. This is the blue sock in the top left-hand corner of the image.

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If you’ve given the right answer, congratulations! You’ve just proved that your eyesight is excellent and that you can rely on it every day. You also have a good visual memory. Your eyes won’t do you any harm, that’s for sure!

If you’ve failed the visual tests, you can develop and refine your visual skills. If you had trouble solving today’s test, we invite you to take these fun challenges regularly to improve your visual attention, visual memory and visual discrimination.

Start with the easy ones and increase the challenge as you progress. Our visual tests are perfect for practising. Visit our site to find them as often as you like! Invite your friends, colleagues and family to take part in our fun challenges.

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