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Visual test: which of these sheep is not what it claims to be? Find the wolf in this picture in under 10 seconds!


The tests and visual challenges can help you exercise your brain. They stimulate memory, concentration, logic and visual discrimination. Such is the case with challenge that we’re presenting today.

To solve it successfully, you need to stay focused, control your vision and think fast. Do you think you’re capable of mobilizing all these skills? Prove it now!

Visual test: “Guess in less than 10 seconds which of these sheep is actually a wolf”.

To perform this test of observation and intelligence, you must carefully observe the image below for 10 seconds and answer the following question: where is the wolf in this flock of sheep?”

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© Legrisou.fr

Indeed, the photo shows sheep. They’re unaware of the danger they’re in. It’s up to you to warn them by unmasking the wolf that has sneaked up on them.

Don’t forget the time limit; the 10 seconds start now!

IQ Test: The right answer

If your 10 seconds are up, it’s time to reveal the correct answer to this visual riddle.

The solution

If you were a good observer, you should have noticed the wolf disguised as a sheep on the right-hand side of the picture from the very first seconds. See in the image below.

© Legrisou.fr

If you recognized the sheep in disguise at first glance, then you’ve got eagle eyes and a hell of an eye for detail. Wasn’t 10 seconds enough to solve this IQ test? Unfortunately, this means you’ve either had trouble concentrating, or your eyesight needs strengthening.

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In either case, we advise you to practice a little more, by taking other vision tests on our site. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget that stimulating your brain as often as possible with brain challenges of this kind will keep your mind sharp and responsive.

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