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Visual test: Would you be able to locate the number 87 in 15 seconds?

If you want to relax while testing your observation skills, this is the puzzle for you.

Today’s challenge is designed to test your powers of observation. The image on your screen is an optical illusion. If you have the eyes of a hawk, you won’t be influenced.

To find out, simply solve this riddle. It requires a great deal of concentration and perseverance. It’s worth noting that, on average, only 20% of Internet users manage to solve it.

In other words, this visual test is difficult for ordinary eyes. Can you do it in under 15 seconds?

How do you go about it?

You have before you an image filled with the number 37. Among them is a single number 87. You have exactly 15 seconds to find it.

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To do this, keep away from all sources of distraction. This visual test requires a great deal of concentration. After that, you need to be methodical.

Most people try to find the target by hovering over the image. This technique may be functional, but it can waste your time. Remember to analyze the image in rows and columns. The next paragraph will show you the benefits of solving this challenge.

Why solve this puzzle?

Solving puzzles of this kind is a great confidence booster. Solving them gives you inner satisfaction. It lets you know what you’re capable of, and who you are.

What’s more, you’ll have a great time. The puzzle is a kind of game, that allows you to distract yourself and relax.

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You’ll avoid any source of stress that might interfere with your creativity. So, did you find the number 87? Go on to the next paragraph to see if you got it right.

Answer: Here’s where you’ll find the number 87

If you’ve analyzed the image by row or column, there’s no doubt that you’ve found the number 87. It’s on the 2nd row. So, did you see the target in time?

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If you’ve passed this visual test, congratulations! It’s so difficult that only those with lynx eyes can solve it.

It’s clear that you have good powers of observation. This enables you to see small details and peculiarities. It’s still usable and can help you in your day-to-day work. However, if you fail, you can try again with the other challenges on the net.

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If you like this puzzle, don’t hesitate to invite your friends to take part, so they can find out how good they are too.

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