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Week of August 28 to September 3: What does your tarot card have in store for you? Draw sign by sign

The stars have plenty of surprises in store for you this week. Get ready to discover amazing revelations and unique opportunities in your horoscope, drawn from the tarot cards. It’s the perfect time to read your future!

Welcome everyone to this new week of astrological forecasts from August 28 to September 3 . Thanks to the ancient wisdom of the tarot, we will dissect the cosmic energies that will influence our existence during these seven days to come. This week, the dominant energy will be that of the Wheel of Fortune. It means that major and sudden changes are to be expected. Whether in the professional, romantic, or personal field, expect upheavals. But fear not, because the Wheel of Fortune is also a card of luck and opportunity. Le Pendu will complement these influences by reminding us of the importance of patience and letting go. Faced with changes, a time of pause and reflection will be necessary to accept and make the most of the situations to come. Finally, the Star, a symbol of hope, promises a positive light at the end of the week. Whatever challenges you face, there will always be a star to guide you on the right path. Get ready for a week full of twists and turns, while keeping in mind that each change is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Aries: Hangman

Aries, this week Le Pendu invites you to take a step back and observe events from a new angle. Faced with sudden upheavals, you will need to be patient and let go. Incredible opportunities will come your way if you are ready to embrace them. Don’t forget to share these predictions with your Aries friends!

Taurus: The Wheel of Fortune

Taurus, The Wheel of Fortune is your card of the week. Expect major changes in your life, whether at work, in love, or on a personal level. These upheavals may well spell good news and opportunity. Invite your Taurus friends to check out these predictions.

Gemini: The Star

Gemini, your week will be lit by The Star. You can count on positive and reassuring guidance, even in the face of hardship. There will always be a star to guide you to the right path. Share these predictions with the Geminis around you.

Cancer: Hangman

Cancer, this week will be marked by the influence of the Hanged Man. This card reminds you of the importance of patience and letting go in the face of the changes to come. By sharing these forecasts, you will help other Cancerians better understand their week.

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Leo: The Wheel of Fortune

Leo, get ready for a busy week with the Wheel of Fortune card. Expect sudden and significant changes in different areas of your life. These forecasts may also be of interest to your Lions friends, do not hesitate to share them.

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Virgo: The Star

For Virgos, L’Etoile shines on your week. Despite the challenges faced, a positive light will guide you on the right path. Share these predictions with other Virgos.

Libra: Hangman

Libra, the watchword of your week will be patience, under the influence of the Hangman. Take the time to reflect and accept the situations to come. Share this valuable information with your Libra friends.

Scorpio: The Wheel of Fortune

Scorpio, the card that will dominate your week is The Wheel of Fortune. Major upheavals are to be expected but fear not, they will pave the way for new opportunities. Feel free to share these predictions with your Scorpio friends.

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Sagittarius: The Star

Sagittarius, this week will be illuminated by the card of The Star. Whatever challenges you face, a positive guide will guide you. Share these forecasts with your Sagittarius friends so that they too can benefit from this guidance.

Capricorn: Hangman

Capricorn, it is under the influence of the Hanged Man that you will live this week. Faced with imminent changes, a time of pause and reflection will be necessary. These predictions might be of interest to other Capricorns, feel free to share them.

Aquarius: The Wheel of Fortune

Aquarius, your week is placed under the sign of the Wheel of Fortune. Major changes are in sight, but they will bring unexpected opportunities. Consider sharing these predictions with your Aquarius friends.

Pisces: The Star

Pisces, it is the card of L’Etoile that will influence your week. Despite the hardships, a positive light will always be there to guide you on the right path. Share this prediction with other Pisces so they can benefit from this beautiful energy as well.

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