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You have 35 seconds to complete this mathematical riddle and prove your intelligence.

This riddle is really very difficult, and very few people have managed to solve it. Do you think you can?

Get yourself a stopwatch! Today we’re going to put your speed and brainpower to the test.

A little challenge won’t do you any harm; on the contrary, you’ll be able to put your time to good use. Have fun while you evaluate yourself. Take a deep breath, then get started!

What’s involved in this mathematical puzzle?

To test your brainpower, we’re going to present you with three grids containing four small squares. Each square contains a number that follows a precise mathematical logic.

In the third grid, a number is missing, and it’s up to you to find it. To succeed in this mathematical puzzle, you need to use the contents of the other grids and understand their logic.

However, you’ll need to be quick, as there’s a time limit. You only have 35 seconds to find the right answer. Above all, stay focused and give it your best shot – you can do it.

Why try to solve a mathematical puzzle?

A mathematical puzzle can be fun for several reasons. Firstly, solving a mathematical puzzle requires challenging and engaging mental exercise.

It can be rewarding to work on a problem, apply mathematical concepts, and find a solution.

Mathematical puzzles often offer an opportunity to think creatively and find unique approaches to solving the problem, which can be very satisfying. What’s more, they can be a source of pleasure due to their playful and intriguing nature.

They allow you to explore different avenues and try out different strategies. Solving a mathematical puzzle successfully can therefore bring a sense of achievement and intellectual pleasure.

Now it’s time to see the results!

The correct answer was 50!

Congratulations to all those who managed to solve the riddle in the allotted time. For those who couldn’t find the right answer, don’t worry, we’ll help you.

By adding up the squares of the numbers in each grid, we get 14 for the first grid (1²+2²+3²), 29 for the second grid (2²+3²+4²), and 50 for the third grid (3²+4²+5²). The final result of the addition is 50.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this mathematical riddle, and please don’t hesitate to share it on your social networks so that your friends and family can try it out!

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